Richard Neville

Hon. Richard E. Neville

Mediator and Arbitrator

When Michael and I met twenty years ago, I soon realized his intense commitment to his craft and we ultimately ended up working on many projects together. With my career being deeply rooted in law, I especially enjoyed each moment I had in the art studio with Michael as it was a time for me to be exposed to various skills and philosophies in creating art. Eventually, we set up a small studio on the south side of Chicago where he taught me the discipline required to develop strong creative concepts, how to handle new mediums all while giving the balanced attention to structure and color for creating a sculpture. He helped me understand the difference between being a dilettante and the commitment to a life devoted to creating thought provoking artwork. Michael has the ability to see what I am trying to express while struggling to find it for myself and has focused me on the life quest of never discounting a new concept or new idea without giving it a chance to enter my subconscious before I decide if I like it or understand it.